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Company Background

Bruce Wolfe Jr.

Omnitech Automation

In the summer of 1965, Bruce Wolfe Jr. established Omnitech Industries, a small manufacturer of custom automated equipment. The company operated out of a leased spaced in Ambler, PA., owned by Ambler Coal Co.

Donald Jackson Sr.

Donald Jackson Sr.

In 1985, Donald Jackson Sr purchased the company and changed the name to Omnitech Automation, Inc. For 20 years prior to taking over Omnitech, Mr. Jackson had been employed by Mechanical Services, Inc., an Allentown, PA manufacturer of automation equipment. In 1987, Mr. Jackson relocated Omnitech to its current location in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

In June of 2005, the company was purchased by Fred Hafer Sr. and Fred Hafer Jr. The Hafers retained all of OMNITECH’s existing employees, including Mr. Jackson, whose 40 years of automated equipment design and manufacturing experience made him a valuable asset. As the company’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Jackson was responsible for automation concept development. Mr. Jackson retired from Omnitech in September 2017.

Fred Hafer Sr.

Fred Hafer Sr.

Prior to purchasing OMNITECH, Fred Hafer Sr. was employed for nearly 40 years by Metropolitan Edison Company (Met-Ed), and/or its parent company, GPU, Inc. Throughout his career, Mr. Hafer held a variety of positions, including Vice President and Treasurer of GPU, and President of Met-Ed. Prior to retiring in 2002, Mr. Hafer served as Chairman and CEO of GPU and, following GPU’s acquisition by FirstEnergy of Akron, Ohio, was Chairman of the combined companies. Mr. Hafer studied Electrical Engineering at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia and has extensive regulatory, financial and managerial experience. Sadly, Fred Hafer Sr passed away in September, 2007.

Fred D Hafer Jr.

Fred Hafer Jr.

Fred D Hafer Jr. graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Physics and later earned a Masters in Business Administration degree from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Hafer worked for Arrow International, Inc., a Reading, PA based medical device manufacturer for 17 years, where he served in a variety of marketing-related capacities. Mr. Hafer’s most recent position with Arrow was Director of Global Marketing, where he had worldwide marketing responsibilities. Mr. Hafer has strong technical, sales and marketing skills and experience.

Although the ownership of Omnitech has passed through three families, the company’s core competencies, values, and emphasis on quality and service has remained unchanged.

Omnitech Automation Emblem

Humble Beginnings

Omnitech is established in Ambler, PA

Omnitech Building in Ambler, PA 1965
Omnitech Automation Emblem

Purchased by Donald Jackson

Donald Jackson Sr. purchased the company and changed the name to Omnitech Automation, Inc

Omnitech Automation Emblem

Relocated to Emmaus

Omnitech Building in Emmaus, PA 1987
Omnitech Automation Emblem

Purchased by the Hafer's

Fred Hafer Jr and Fred Hafer Sr 2005
Omnitech Automation Emblem

A 21st Century Company

Today Omnitech leverages leading-edge in house systems and a highly experienced staff of automation experts, and is one of the countries premier automated equipment manufacturers