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Recent Projects
CDS Cam-driven Indexing Chassis
  • Fourteen (14) product sizes
  • CDS 12-stop Rotary Indexer
    • 4 Rotary PnP’s mechanically synchronized with main dial
    • Each PNP is equipped with four (4) gripper hands
    • 12-stop rotary indexer
    • Tool-less Quick Change Nests on main dial
    • Servo-driven 3-finger rotary grippers for product assembly
  • (5) Vibratory feed systems with hoppers for additional run time
  • (10) motion axis (4 rotary servos, 6 servo grippers)
  • Linear transducers for product height verification
  • (2) Keyence vision systems for part inspection
  • Light curtain for manual loading of custom parts if necessary
  • Schmidt press for bushing seating