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WatchDog Preventative
Let OMNITECH protect your equipment!
Automated Equipment is often complex, usually incorporating high-speed assembly, vision, testing, welding, printing and other operations that are PLC or computer controlled. Although OMNITECH's equipment is designed and assembled to guarantee many years of operation, under normal use, the equipment needs to be adjusted and maintained periodically to guarantee that it is operating at its maximum performance levels.

Identifying incorrect parameter settings, errors in station set-ups and problems with commercial hardware is often difficult. In many cases customers do not have the time or the technical resources to periodically inspect equipment. Over time, slow, subtle degradation in the equipment's performance can occur. Left unaddressed, this can leave to serious performance issues or even machine downtime and costly repairs.

Maintain High Performance Levels - Minimize downtime - Reduce Maintenance Costs $$$

By periodically inspecting equipment and performing any necessary repairs, serious performance issues, machine downtime and significant repair/maintenance costs can be avoided.

OMNITECH's WatchDog Program is a Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program. Customers who sign-up for this program will have an Omnitech Technician visit their facility at set intervals (chosen by the customer) to inspect their equipment then provide them with a thorough report, detailing the technician's observations and recommendations. Any necessary repairs and maintenance can be performed by the customer or Omnitech.

The OMNITECH WatchDog Program is an extremely cost-effective way to guarantee maximum equipment performance!

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