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Omnitech expands!

To meet the strong demand for automated equipment, engineering services and custom part fabrication, Omnitech recently expanded its business. Check back soon for more details!




Automated Equipment is often highly complex machinery that includes a significant amount of electronics and sophisticated mechanical mechanisms. Accordingly, the maintenance and repair of this equipment can sometimes be time-consuming and difficult.

As a service to customers of its equipment, Omnitech offers Maintenance & Repair services.

To control costs, most companies try to minimize on-hand inventory. This operating strategy puts significant pressure on manufacturing to produce product consistently and without interruption, often 24/7/365. This means that the automated equipment used for production needs to operate at its optimal performance levels with minimal down-time. A decrease in equipment performance or frequent or prolonged down-time can have a significant impact on a company's inventory and costs. 

"It's important to buy manufacturing equipment from a supplier who can also offer Service"

Fast, Reliable Service
Omnitech prides itself on providing fast, reliable service for customers who own equipment built by Omnitech. Omnitech strives to provide immediate phone support or on-site support within hours of a service call.

WatchDog Program
One of the best ways to avoid a significant decrease in machine performance is Preventative Maintenance. Omnitech's unique WatchDog Preventative Maintenance program helps to catch and address small problems before they become more significant. Click here to learn more about Omnitech's WatchDog program.