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Omnitech expands!

To meet the strong demand for automated equipment, engineering services and custom part fabrication, Omnitech recently expanded its business. Check back soon for more details!



Service & Training

Automated Equipment is designed to reduce production costs, improve product quality and expand capacity. Often the equipment replaces existing manual operations and becomes the sole production source for a particular product or products. Accordingly, it's critical that the equipment be operated and maintained in way that guarantees it is always operating at it optimal performance levels.

Unlike many "machine builders" OMNITECH backs up it's outstanding automated equipment design and assembly operations with a full-range of Customer Support Services including:

Equipment Repair

Equipment Installation

Operator & Maintenance Employee Training

Machine Controls/Programming Training

OAI WatchDog Preventative Maintenance Inspection

OMNITECH strives to offer same-day service to technical questions and on-site maintenance.

Buying automated equipment from OMNITECH gives you the piece of mind that there's a team of professionals available to you for urgent needs, questions and technical issues.