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Omnitech expands!

To meet the strong demand for automated equipment, engineering services and custom part fabrication, Omnitech recently expanded its business. Check back soon for more details!



Rotary Grippers
Rotary Gripper Model RG1.00
Omnitech Automation’s pneumatic rotary gripper; Model RG1.00 has no limit to the number of rotations per cycle and does not require reversing to a home position at the end of each cycle. The gripper can be driven by servo, stepper, A.C., D.C. variable speed or pneumatic drive motor. The gripper jaws can be opened and closed independent of rotation.


1. Attaching Screw-On Caps to Bottles:
When used as an accessory to pick & place mechanism. The driven rotary gripper picks a cap from a feeding system and then proceeds to place and screw the cap onto a bottle.

2. As a gripper that requires change of rotation; either partial or continuous:
For example, starting a screw type thread by momentarily reversing the rotation as the thread tries to engage; this method greatly reduces the chance of crossing threads.

3. As an radial orienting device:
When utilizing a stepper or servo motor to drive the Rotary Gripper, the gripper can secure a component then rotate it to a given radial position.

• Shaft may be driven CW or CCW by a constant RPM motor; or indexed by a stepper  or servo motor (Fig. 1)
• Choice of top or side air ports to open and close gripper jaws independent of rotary motor (Fig. 2)
• Angular Gripper Jaw Pivot Pins Included (Fig. 3)
• Ball bearing spindle

Figure #1 Figure #2 Figure #3


• Shaft pulleys
• Drive packages
• 4mm square proximity switch
• Custom Gripper Jaws