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Custom Workcell

Omnitech now offers a Configurable Mobile Workstation (CMW) that can be customized by Omnitech to individual customer’s needs. 

Standard Features:

  • Adaptability: The CMW is designed in such a way that the upper and lower compartments can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of testing equipment, component tooling and controls hardware.

  • Safety/Guarding: The CMW is fully-enclosed with clear Lexan panels on all sides.  The upper work area has a front guarding door that raises and lowers automatically, to allow easy access to work fixtures and complete operator isolation during operation.  The automatic door and machine cycle is initiated by the operator utilizing two anti-tie down switches.

  • Portability: The CMW aluminum construction and locking wheels provide a rigid yet lightweight construction for easy portability throughout the manufacturing workspace.

  • Controls: The OAI CMW comes standard with an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC which can be expanded to accommodate up to 136 I/O.

  • Potential Applications:
    • Hipot testing
    • Leak testing (pressure decay)
    • Flow testing
    • Product Assembly
    • …other operator-assisted, semi-automatic operations

  •  Update your current equipment
    • The OAI CMW is also a cost-effective way to update older equipment to current safety standards, while providing a new, more aesthetically-pleasing design.

    Contact Omnitech for pricing and availability.