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Omnitech Adds New Mechanical Designer

Mike Quintangeli

To help meet the growing demand for automated manufacturing equipment, Omnitech recently added an addtional mechanical designer to it's Design Department Team. Click here to learn more about Mike Quintangeli

Unique Cam-driven Automation System
Omnitech Automation, Inc. recently completed a unique dial-based Electrical Connector Assembly Machine
for one of its customers. The machine uses a unique cam-driven indexing system by CDS Corporation. The CDS system includes synchronized part handling stations that are mechanically-linked to the drive system, providing high-speed, synchronized motion without the need for a complex controls system. Click here to learn more!

Omnitech Automation-Medical Device Assembly Machine

Documentation Capabilities
In addition to offering in-house Mechanical and Controls Design, Programming, Electrical Wiring, Fabrication and Assembly services, Omnitech offers full documentation with the equipment it designs. Documentation includes assembly and part prints, schematics, bill-of-materials, spare parts lists, maintentance information, troubleshooting guides and more.
Omnitech "Shop Tour Video*
Omnitech's Shop Floor is loaded with a variety of different automation projects. For those customers (and potential customers) who haven't been able to visit us recently, we made a video featuring two of our top designers giving a tour of our shop floor and some of our Work-in-Progress. Click here to watch the video.  
Small to BIG
Although Omnitech specializes in equipment that ranges in price Omnitech Automation-Configurable Mobile Workstation from $500,000. - $1,000,000., for over 40 years the company has also been developing tooling, work cells and semi-automated systems priced from a few thousand dollars and up. Recently Omnitech developed its "Configurable Mobile Workstation" which provides a cost-effective, pre-designed automation platform for low volume part assembly and testing.
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