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Omnitech expands!

To meet the strong demand for automated equipment, engineering services and custom part fabrication, Omnitech recently expanded its business. Check back soon for more details!




Experts in Automation.
Automated equipment is designed to operate with precision accuracy. To guarantee the highest possible performance levels, proper assembly of the fabricated parts and commercial items is critical.

Mechanics, maintenance employees and toolmakers have many of the skills necessary to work on automated machinery however, using qualified Automated Equipment Assembly Technicians guarantees the best results. With many years of training and experience, Omnitech's Assembly Department personnel are Experts in Automation.

Assembly ● Debugging ● Repair
Omnitech's team of assembly technicians have many years of assembling, repairing and debugging automated equipment. In addition to in-house assembly, our team can provide assembly services at a customer's location.

Integration with Design and Fabrication
Omnitech in-house Assembly Department is seamlessly integrated with it's in-house Design and Fabrication departments. This "all-under-one-roof" structure allows assembly personnel to have quick access to other technicians throughout the develpment of a project.

Equipment Upgrades
In addition to assembling new automated equipment, Omnitech's Assembly Group has a lot of experience upgrading existing equipment. Whether your automated equipment requires updated controls, additional functionality or integration with other equipment, Omnitech's Assembly Group can provide these services.